Just Returned From Xbiz 2008 In Vegas

What a week – I took a few of the girls and we all loaded up in the truck and headed to the Xbiz convention in Vegas – sure I returned a week ago but I had to recuperate – it was a “hard” week.

And what would a trip to Vegas be without a trip to one or two of the strip clubs? NOTHING! At least in my humble opinion. Sad part is that I didn’t get to see near as many clubs as I would have liked to but I did manage to have one of the best – and one of the worst strip club experiences I’ve ever had. First let me dispell the myth that all the pretty girls work in Vegas – just ain’t true – we have as high a percentage of sexy stripper here in Colorado as they clubs in Vegas. Of course, If you like fake tits (didn’t I go over phoney titties once before in this blog?) the you just might love Vegas. Personally I look at the the stripper as a whole (or hole) and fake tits can be a bigger minus than plus in most cases.

During my visit in Vegas, I managed to visit the Deja Vu, The Spearmint Rhino, and the Sapphire club. First let me say that I went to the clubs on weeknights so keep this in mind. Lets start with the worst club experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few – I’ll write about an asshole of a manager here in Colorado later).

My clip editor, Jack, and I arrived at just after midnight at the Spearmint Rhino to a packed place. My ex-wife used to dance there (and come flat high a lot) so I’ve been in the club quite a few times in the past but not anytime in the last few years. First thing you should know about Vegas clubs is they WILL fuck you for every penny if you’re not a local. First it was $20.00 to park my wheels, then the entrance fee was $30.00 each, then when we wanted to sit – we had to pay some steroid damaged brain dead fuck-head to get us a table – and that took over an hour despite the $20,00 I gave him and the fact that there were 5 to 6 empty table all the time. While waiting, I was getting grossed out by the fact that the carpet was so filthy that my feet were sticking to it – fucking disgusting. Well, after just over an hour later, the brain-dead fuck-head that “regulated” the tables finally decided that we had waited long enough and gave us a table that had been vacant for most of the time we had been waiting. Once seated – I was looking forward to getting a drink and maybe a dance – but no…… that wasn’t going to happen. We were seated on the corner of the upper level and we never saw a waitress – nor did a dancer ever come close enough that I could get her attention. The dancers would sit on the table just below us and tramp that they weren’t making any coin (in a relatively packed place) but the stupid cunts never came to my table. After another 45 minutes of waiting for drink, and a dance, Jack and I peeled our feet up off the filthy fucking carpet and left. $100.00 to park, get in and get seated and all we got was sticky feet. As for the girls, my guess is 95% had fake tits, was over 25 had an attitude. Maybe it’s a good thing that the lighting sucks at the Stinkmint Rhino. The Spearmint Rhino in Vegas is by far the worst club experience I’ve ever had – and I’ve been in thousands of strip clubs. Two “limp dicks” for the Stinkmint Rhino club in Vegas.

Now for the lighter side of things.

After being totally discussed with the Spearmint Rhino, I decided to take Jack to the Deja Vu on Industrial Drive. As a frequent visitor of Vegas, and one that prefers to stay relatively sober when visiting the titty bars, and one that hates stupid drunks, I tend to like the alcohol-free atmosphere of the Deja Vu chain of clubs. In contrast to the Stinkmint Rhino, the Derja Vu was clean, well light, parking was reasonable (we did use the valet and tip him well), the staff was friendly , and the girls were HOT – and all naked! Remind me to ask Eric, the dance counter, how fucking much I dropped the two nights I visited the Vu. And please don’t tell my accountant but I think I’m going to try to write some of the dough I dropped there off as a business expense ;-) . Special memories of a super short hard-bodied Mexican Girl stripper that kept me entertained. Five “hard peckers” for the Deja Vu in Vegas.

Last was the Sapphire Club. Billed as the largest strip club in the world, the Sapphire is as classy as it is large. Again, I’ve visited this club on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed. Clean, well lit, classy and they know how to treat a customer both regular and VIP. Three “hard peckers” for the Sapphire club in Vegas.

And now I need another week to recuperate ;-)

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Mexican Coed Caught Stealing Squash

I work pretty hard to keep my garden nice and I’m more than willing to help a chick in need – but when I found my Mexican housekeeper, Eva Escobar, in my garden helping herself to my summer squash, I had to….. well, hide and take some photograph that I could use later when I would fire her!

EvaEscobar hym latina outdoor voyeur female masturbation sfm dildo gnd

Now don’t get me wrong, at first I was a little pissed – until I saw what she had in mind with the fuckin veggies. Just as I was about to bust her, the little cunt started taking off her clothes and before long, she had a large yellow zucchini stuffed right up her wet Mexican Girl cunt.

Voyeur Pictures

Now I’m not your typical voyeur but watching this chick fuck herself with a summer squash was hotter that I would have ever imagined. I hid behind one of the shrubs in the garden and started to masturbate as she slid the yellow sex vibrator in and out of her wet cooder. My pecker was rock-hard by this time and I continued to match her rhythm as she slid the big yellow veggie in and out of her wet Mexican Girl cunt. I was just about to spunk, when she slid the zucchini out of her dripping wet cooder and licked it clean. I fucking blew my load!

Mexican girl cums

With hot spunk all over my hand, jeans, and even on my shoes, I continued to take photograph of her her playing with her puffy clitoris. I knew now, why being a voyeur is all about – the thrill of watching someone that has no idea you are there, the risk of getting caught, the knowledge that you’ve violated someone’s space…….. Later, I had to let her go but I sold the photograph to a friend and he put them on his website at www.glassmannequin.com

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More Teenager Pusy Clips

I told you I would post the rest of Jayda’s first disrobed vid. To be honest, we had so much fun filming this that I asked the little bitch to come back and do some more amateur smut and she agreed. You can find hundreds of images and shoots of her on my sites at www.glassmannequin.com and www.realcoloradogirls.com – you should check them out. Jayda has never worked for anyone else so this is the only place you will find her images – and her first disrobed vid was where it all started.

jaydagarcia indian dress gnd nudes booty teen amateur latina brunette plts shaved sfm jayda garcia plays with her perky teen tits

These little videos are just a sample of the homemade sex videos that you’ll find on Real Colorado teenagers and the Glass Mannequin. There you can see Jayda fucking the neighbor teenagers and stuffing all kinds of vibrating sex toys in her fat teenager coochy.  Of course, Jayda’s first disrobed vid has a special place in my heart and will always be one of my favorite real homemade sex videos. This cute teenager has more than a cute coochy, she has a super cute smail and an awsoem attitude. In short, she’s a lot of fun to shoot and fuck.

jayda fingering her tiny teen pussy jayda masturbates for the camera

So be sure to check out all of Jayda’s hot amateur smut shoots at Real Colorado teenagers and the Glass Mannequin.

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Small Strippers Empty My Wallet (again)

Mother fucker I had a awesome weekend ;-)

It all started Friday night when I headed out to superlative TNT’s for a few beers. Harmony was working as was Chris, Kiki and Blossom -three of the sexiest short strippers in the state and all there to take my fuckin dough – LOL! Now I don’t think it’s any secret that I like short coeds and having these four at the club was exceptional. The best part is that every one of them has a brain on her shoulder so they’re not only nice to look at – they’re nice to talk with too.

When I arrived, I hadn’t planned on staying long but Blossom got me to stay till her friend dropped by so we could chat about a project that she wants me to film. While I waited I got a few dances from 18-year old Harmony – christ that woman is sexy! She has a unblemished teen hard-body and a real cute pair of rack with the sexiest nipples I’ve seen in a long time and some exceptional tattoos. She gets upset when I comment on her nipples but WTF – they are sexy!

After spending a little dough on Harmony, I cornered Kiki and bought her a drink that she probably didn’t really need cuz she was fucking drunk already – real drunk and having a awesome time…  Kiki has a itty bitty hard body with a awesome round ass ad in many was reminds me of my ex-wife – even the excessive drinking is reminiscent  of my ex. Kinda turned me on to hold a mother I’d like to fuck as sexy as my ex again.

Fuck – I had already spent too much when Chris cornered me. Now Chris is the hardest working dancer that I’ve known in a long wile and the only to really corner her is to get a dance – or five….  Trust me on this one – get the undressed dance! I think my pecker is still hard from the last dance she gave me Friday evening. I won’t go into details but this coed is one of the most sensuous strippers I’ve ever known. Skinny, short and a super cute cute face – mmmmmm good.

After Chris was finished with me I figured I had better get the fuck out of there because the other guys were getting a bit intimidated when ever I walked around the club with the substantial fucking boner she had given me bulging in my loose fitting shorts ;-)

Well, with the smell of Chris still in my mind, I headed over to PT’s Appaloosa to say hi to Candy and hopefully run into Nevaeh, Reve, Saphire (Anistaija), Sugar (Jayda), Angel, or Deville. Normally on a Friday night, at least 1/2 of them will be at the Appaloosa – one of Colorado Springs better strip clubs.

As I walked in the door, I was greeted by Reve, a 4?10? super sexy Mexican Girl stripper with a cute little round ass and a super sexy little muffin. We hit the couches and chatted as I rubbed her back and legs. A tip to the guys – learn massage therapy – then spoil your women! I learned deep tissue massage a few years back and its paid for itself in muffin 10 time over. She told me that Sugar hadn’t been working for a few days and that she expected Nevaeh to be in on Saturday. I spent a bit of time with both Reveu and Angle before the club closed the bar and opened up after hours.

Onix, my tattooed and pierces gothic-harlot clip editor and her roommate were planning on meeting me for after hours so I forked up the $5.00 for the after hours admission and got me a ring-side seat in the undressed room. I had given a friend a ride over form TnT’s and he was shocked at how many of the coeds I knew. Shit – as often as I’m out, all the coeds know the porno pervert……

I’ll write about Saturday’s fun in the next post.

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Inkslut Lesbo Fucks Her Girlfriend

Josie is a mischievous little lesbian tramp that’s always looking for fresh new twat to seduce on camera. When she brought her cute Latina friend Jayda to the place I knew I was going to get some real mischievous pictures and video clip. When the teens told me they were ready, I came in the room to find them in matching bras and thong, that’s when I realized they had been planning this little lesbian show even for a while. Josie  is real god at getting teens all excited and it only took a few minutes to get Jayda all wet.

JosieJoe lcm plts bnts tattooed brunette amateur glasses dildo gkg pierced

Josie Kisses Her Girlfriends Belly

It wasn’t long before the teens were playing with dildos and munching each other’s clits. Josie went first, working the dildo slowly on the edge off Jayda’s teen twat. Jayda was moaning softly and Josie teased her with the dildo, then she held her breath and shuttered in a orgasmic release that left her shaking for minutes and Josie continued to devour her sweet teen twat. You can see all the pictures and video clip on Glass Mannequin – join today and get full acess to two additional bonus sites.

Josie Teases Jayda

Josie Teases Jayda

See more hot cunt-munchers at Glass Mannequin.com

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Real Colorado Teenager – Phoenix Fernandez Masturbates

Phoenix Fernandez is a local Mexican Girl teen that was just a bit curious about one of the sex toys I had lying around the dwelling so when she kept teasing me about trying it out, I agreed – on one condition – that she do her first porno clip while testing the new sex vibrator. This 18-year old hot young mom was very nervous about getting unclothed in front of the camera but she soon relaxed and was fucking herself like she was all alone. Her immense natural breasts and her clean shaved muffin were bared for the first time for the world to see.  If you ask me, Phoenix should go all out in porno but who knows – this local amateur teen may be too shy to be a porno star. So enjoy her porno audition and to see more, please visit Real Colorado coeds and see phoenix and her amateur friends fucking and sucking on camera for the first time.

Phoenix Fernandez Porn Audition

Phoenix Fernandez porno Audition

Phoenix started out slow but was soon stuffing a glass vibrator deep in her shaved teen cunt as she worked her puffy clit with the vibrating egg. To see her entire porno audition visit Real Colorado coeds

Teen Amateur Phoenix Fucking herself phoenixfernandez dildo sfm latina brunette gnd bnts hym milf 1tm

teen Amateur Phoenix Fucking herself

eighteen year old Phoenix Fernandez auditions – Real Colorado coeds

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And Who The Fuck Doesn’t Love Naughty Sex?

I guess all of us like a little good old fashioned naughty sex once in a while but hell, I like it all the fucking time so I thought I’d start a blog telling bout all my naughty sex adventures. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m known in the sex industry as PapaGMP – I’ve been working behind the camera for years and in front of the camera fucking cute neighborhood teenagers for the last three years. At almost 50 years old, I have underwear that’s older than some of the teens I’ve  fucked this year.  I run three hardcore websites, Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado teens and you can see me pounding naughty teen snatch on all three of them. Better yet, you can see all the naughty neighbor teens that I’ve been fucking for the last three years. None of the teens on my sites have ever appeared on the internet prior to me convincing then the it was the “right” thing to do butterflyhaze jaydagarcia divaduz interracial xxxp lesbian outdoor teen amateur tattooed plts dildo lcm The do it because they are naughty at heart and they really love sex. Here are a few photograph from my scrapbook of some of the naughty teens that have had sex for my camera – some of the lucky sluts have even had sex with me ;-)

Nasty Tasha Licks Butterfly's Pussy

naughty Tasha Licks Tattooed Butterfly’s Shaved snatch

Tasha likes to fuck young tarts and Butterfly, with all her sexy butterfly tattoos had just turned 19 when we shot this set. She had been working with us for a while but she never got enough sex so this naughty teen hussy just kept coming back. Butterfly and Tasha can be seen on all three of my amateur porno sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado teens. Join today and get unlimited access to the exclusive content on all three amateur porno sites.

Teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda was introduced to me by a friend just after her 18th birthday. This naughty hard-bodied Latina coed loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves sex. In fact, ask her and she’ll tell you she loves nothing more than sex in the amazing outdoors. I have thousands of naughty photograph and clips of this sexy Latina teen on Glass Mannequin – be sure to check them all out.

Forbidden Interracial Sex

interdicted Interracial Sex With naughty Diva

I had never fucked a black chick before I met Diva so when her brother brought her to my door in response to an add I run for Bring Me Your Sister in the local paper, I was real excited to see what it would be like to slam my mammoth meat in her sweet black cunt. Trust me guys, my first interracial sex was as good as it gets. Diva then came back to do a good dozen hardcore, lesbian, and orgy sets for all three sites. Join one – and get full access to the all at no extra cost. So – not that I’ve introduced a few of the naughty neighborhood teens that I run into ona daily basis, be sure to check out all their naughty sex photograph and clips.

Free Hardcore porno Tours:    Glass MannequinReal Colorado teensBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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